14 September 2018

„Healthy Printing Symposium 2018“

Lüneburg, Germany

Well, if an ink is edible, it is not necessarily recyclable. In his presentation, Dr. Thomas Kraufhauf of INGEDE will explain what sustainable printing is really about. And that UV printing is far from being good for health, men, and the environment: „Rezyklierbarkeit von Druckprodukten – Hintergründe, Herausforderungen und Trends

16.–17. Oktober 2018
Paper & Beyond
(Formerly known as European Paper Week)
Solvay Library (Edificio), Brüssel

September 24–28, 2018

Printing for Fabrication 2018 (NIP34)

Materials, Applications, and Processes, and the 34th International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies (NIP)

Dresden, Germany

27–29 March 2019
International Munich Paper Symposium (IMPS)
Munich, Germany

2018 Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference Europe

With more than 250 industry professionals in attendance, this event provides an ideal forum for networking and business development.

6-7 NOVEMBER 2018

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