INGEDE Symposium 2022

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INGEDE Symposium 2022 hybrid: online and on location in Munich


Paper after Corona:
Lack of raw material; environmental aspects becoming more important

INGEDE Symposium 2022 on Wednesday, 9 March

The recycling paper industry needs raw material – fewer newspapers, less advertisement due to the Corona pandemic and increased electronic communication lead to decreasing amounts of paper for recycling.

Also, too much of the paper for recycling bypasses the sorting plant and thus the deinking mills, going directly into packaging – here due to the “Amazonitis” the demand is ever rising.

Extensive packaging is not sustainable, even if it is fibre-based. And especially white fibres should stay where they generate the highest value. Even if sorting means effort, sorting is necessary to keep white fibres available for new white, graphic paper; for hygiene papers and white top liners – and to keep it from downcycling.

Availability and quality are the key issues for the INGEDE Symposium 2022. Expert speakers will show options for future sustainable raw material management: By certifying sorting plants to avoid costly refusals and negotiations, by certifying paper and print products for optimum recyclability, and by developing sorting technologies to save more white fibres for the white cycle.

The INGEDE Symposium is currently planned as a hybrid event, with participation in Munich on location hopefully possible according to rules and regulations, as well as online.

More details also about the programme will come soon.

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Let’s face the challenges in paper recycling together!


PROGRAMME (confirmed presentations, to be continued, to be translated)

All presentations will be translated simultaneously (German and English audio also available online).


Keynote, Session Availability of Paper for Recycling:
LCA Graphic and Hygiene Papers
Almut Reichart, Federal Environmental Authority (UBA), Berlin, Germany


How Successful Does CITEO Steer Recycling?
Magali Frontero, Ecophyse/Paprec, France


More Revenue and Fewer Returns: Certification of Sorting Plant
Arne Krolle, INGEDE, Germany


No more paper for recycling for graphic paper, hygiene paper and white top liner – what can we do?
Jürgen Belle, Verfahrenstechnik Papier und Biofasern, Hochschule München


Keynote, Session Recyclability:
Markt, Entwicklung, Herausforderungen und Nachhaltigkeit von Flyern, Beilagen und Broschüren
Dr.-Ing. Ralph Dittmann, WKS Druckholding GmbH, Gwermany


Mineralölfreier Coldset‐Druck – IGF‐Projekt 21646 N
Philipp Stolper, Fogra


INGEDE-Untersuchungen zur Deinkbarkeit von Prospekten und Broschüren
Dennis Voß, Steinbeis Papier


Neue Prüfmethoden und Bewertungen für faserbasierte Verpackungen
Peter Hengesbach, Stora Enso



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