INGEDE News June/July 2019

SOLPACK Fair and Podium for Sustainable Packaging in Hamburg on June 6, 2019

Andreas Faul gave a presentation on behalf of INGEDE about paper recycling and participated in a panel discussion.

SOLPACK wanted to provide

·         first experiences with the German packaging act

·         approaches to implementing the EU Directive

·         latest technology trends in the recycling process

·         Certification for international recyclability

·         Recycling-friendly plastic alternatives

·         Insight into the recycling process for paper and board

·         Dos and Don’ts for fiber-based barrier packs

·         Presentation of new fiber-based barrier materials

·         Cases of sustainable strategies and packages

The presentation of Andreas Faul is available on request.

A publication in the German “Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation” will come up.

Also, was there to shoot a documentation on sustainable packaging and interviewed Andreas Faul. We wait to see the result!

Axel Fischer


Two days of presentations in Hamburg.