INGEDE News June 2018

Presentation at a 425th anniversary: In 1593, the German book printer Kösel was founded as Typographia Ducalis Campidonensis in Kempten, being court printer in times of Duke Wilhelm V., called “the Pious”, of Bavaria. Today more than 13 million books per year leave the printing house. At a symposium held for the anniversary in June 2018, Axel Fischer of INGEDE explained to representatives of publishers and printers how paper is recycled, and which printing technologies cause more problems in the deinking process than others: How “clean” are our prints? The presentation (in German) is available from the German website.

Digital book printing, recycling-friendly: Since 2015, at Kösel a KBA RotaJET 76 by Koenig & Bauer is used to print digitally on lightweight paper. The “Kösel Jurajet” is used to print legal books and other textbooks on papers as light as 33 g/m².