INGEDE News October 2019

Recycling Award of the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC)

You can now apply for the European Paper Recycling Award 2019.

The European Paper Recycling Award distinguishes between two main categories to ensure a fair comparison among the different entries.

Information and Education: We are looking for projects and initiatives that were set up to raise awareness on paper recycling among a specific target group. Examples: a paper recycling school campaign, a municipality awareness-raising programme on sorting paper for recycling etc.

Technology Improvement and R&D: This category includes innovative projects to improve paper recycling technology.

Eligible projects, initiatives or campaigns will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and originality
  • Achievements
  • Possibility to reproduce the project
  • Cost effectiveness

The award ceremony, where the winners will be announced, will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels in February 2020.

Apply here.

INGEDE Partner Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA builds fully automated paper sorting plant for Palm Papers in England

Inauguration in September 2019

Palm Paper is building a new paper sorting plant for the production of deinking grade paper for recycling in King’s Lynn, northeast of London, directly next to the paper mill. The sorting plant is designed to recycle an annual volume of about 20.000 tons of paper for recycling collected from households.

Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH from Unterschleißheim near Munich is planning and constructing the sorting plant. The Munich-based company is considered to be a specialist for the construction of paper sorting plants.

The primary objective of the installation is besides a consistently high final quality, guaranteeing optimum efficiency as well as a fully automated sorting process.

In order to define the optimum plant configuration for an efficient sorting plant, targeted at the input material, tests with English paper for recycling were carried out on several paper sorting plants. The main issues were the composition of the input material, detection of impurities, and automated rejection of foreign material in order to generate the highest possible proportion of white or deinkable paper.

It was a particular challenge to achieve a comparably good quality despite worse input material than it is common in Germany.

The plant is equipped with the latest sorting technology. A dosing bunker ensures an even and well separated material output for the further sorting operation. The more evenly the material flow is distributed on the conveyor belts, the better the sorting result on the subsequent sorting units will be.

In the field of coarse and fine screening, Palm relies on BHS disc roll screens. The latest generation of near infrared machines of the Redwave series „2i“ ensures high quality. Using combined visual and near infrared detection, grey, brown and printed cardboard, and non-paper materials can be detected and removed from the deinking stream by using compressed air.

The sorting system will operate without the usual manual sorting.

To ensure the quality, BAVARIA together with PTS (“Papiertechnische Stiftung”, Paper Technology Foundation) and the near-infrared machine manufacturer Redwave has developed a process optimization system with real-time monitoring.

Read more: Entsorgungstechnik Bavaria GmbH

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Image: Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA