+ + + INGEDE Symposium March 2020 HAS BEEN CANCELLED + + +

Due to intensified travel restrictions at important member companies many guests and speakers might not be able to attend. We regret therefore having to cancel this year’s INGEDE Symposium.

Paper instead of plastic?
The new packaging regulation at the INGEDE Symposium

More packaging, less graphic paper, the new EU Ecolabel, and sustainable books

INGEDE invites you for the 29th INGEDE Symposium on 25 March 2020 at Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft in Munich – and more than 100 guests are expected to listen to recent achievements in the context of paper recycling and other exiting presentations.

The world of paper recycling and deinking meets in Munich every year: The INGEDE Symposium is the only international meeting covering all aspects from recyclability and paper recovery to the treatment of paper for recycling. With more white packaging entering the recycling stream, these fibres become increasingly interesting for deinkers: How can the paper industry benefit from the new packing legislation? is one of the questions to be answered.

A lower share of graphic products, an increased demand of white and brown paper based packaging, and a recycling target of 85 % directs the focus of the industry and of the stakeholders in the value chain on the recyclability of paper based packaging. INGEDE will therefore dedicate one complete session of the INGEDE Symposium to packaging. The lectures will cover the views of designers, users, collectors, and recycling mills as well as legal aspects.

The impact of these two trends on availability and quality as well as on collection and sorting concepts
will be addressed in an international panel discussion under the topic “Quo vadis, paper for recycling?

At the symposium, INGEDE will be even more focusing on the needs and interests of all members of the paper chain – in the morning, a plenary session with a keynote about sustainability in book printing and a presentationn on the new European Ecolabel will address the whole paper value chain. Then, two parallel sessions will offer more insight into current issues in the raw material regarding collection, advanced sorting, and inspection of paper for recycling; as well as into the recyclability of different printing products and how to deal with them in the deinking process, the challenges of newer printing processes and different kinds of certification of printed products.

Reaching a higher level in paper recycling – Together chances and challenges can be met!

Download the full planned programme here.


We will put together another attractive programme for next year – see you in Munich in 2021!