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INGEDE-Aktivitäten 2016/2017

About INGEDE and what happened in 2016 – activities, conference participations, and the plans for 2017.

Thomas Krauthauf, UPM, Chairman of INGEDE (download pdf)

The Roadmap 2050 and related CEPI Activities

Sylvain Lhôte is the new Director General of CEPI. He took over from the last Acting Director General Jori Ringman. Before, he was Vice-president Governmental Affairs in Europe for Alcoa, the leading aluminium and light metals engineering group.

Presentation by Sylvain Lhôte, CEPI (download pdf)

The IMPACTPapeRec Project: European Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation to Improve Paper Recycling Rates

A project sponsored in the framework of Horizon 2020

Presentation by Lisa Labriga, ACR+ (download pdf)

Processing High Grade Paper for Recycling

Presentation by Anne-Katrin Klar, SCA Hygiene (download pdf)

Recyclability – Databases, Scorecards, Standards

Presentation by Andreas Faul, INGEDE (download pdf)

Environmental Impact and Sustainable Aspects of Digital Printing at CEWE

Presentation by Matthias Hausmann, CEWE (download pdf)

DIN SPEC 55700 – Deinkability Test for Printed Paper Products

An INGEDE working group has developed this new standard for testing deinkability in the lab based on long-term experience with INGEDE Method 11.

Presentation by Peter Hengesbach, Stora Enso (download pdf)

Deinkability Update: Drupa, Digital Prints, UV Cured Prints

First prints of Landa were presented at drupa, INGEDE has tested the deinkability. Also in the lab: Konica Minolta’s KM-1 (uV cured inkjet), LED-UV printing and “conventional” UV cured prints and others.
Presentation by Axel Fischer, INGEDE (download pdf)

Sorting Plant Design and Sorting Plant Operation

Options for optimisation and regulation.

Presentations by Manfred Geistbeck, UPM Design (download pdf) and operation (download pdf)

Sorting Plant Design at Stora Enso Langerbrugge

Options for optimisation and regulation with the example of the Stora Enso Langerbrugge paper mill in Belgium.
Presentation by Manuela Suttnig, REDWAVE (download pdf)

INGEDE Projects

An overview about finished and recently started project work funded by INGEDE and about participations in multi-client projects.

Presentation by Johann Oberndorfer, UPM (download pdf)