INGEDE Symposium 2019

30 Years of INGEDE

Paper instead of plastic? The new packaging regulation at the INGEDE Symposium

Breakthroughs in self-adhesive labels and UV-curable inks, requirements for sustainable books

INGEDE invites you to the 28th INGEDE Symposium on 13 February 2019 at Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft in Munich

The world of paper recycling and deinking meets in Munich every year: The INGEDE Symposium is the only international meeting covering all aspects from recyclability and paper recovery to the treatment of paper for recycling. With more white packaging entering the recycling stream, these fibres become increasingly interesting for deinkers: How can the paper industry benefit from the new packing legislation? is one of the questions to be answered.

At the upcoming symposium, INGEDE is even more focusing on the needs and interests of all members of the paper chain – in the morning, a plenary session with a keynote about the future of books and breakthroughs in adhesive applications and UV inks will cover the whole paper value chain. Then, two parallel sessions offer more insight into current issues in the raw material regarding collection, advanced sorting, and inspection of paper for recycling; as well as into the recyclability of different printing products and how to deal with them in the deinking process, the challenges of newer printing processes and different kinds of certification of printed products.

Reaching a higher level in paper recycling – Together chances and challenges can be met!

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9:00 Registration with coffee


Common Session 1

Welcome and opening of Session 1
Thomas Krauthauf, Chairman of INGEDE

Welcome address
Bernhard Steinbeis, Founding Chairman of INGEDE

Annual report and latest achievements of INGEDE
Thomas Krauthauf, Chairman of INGEDE

The paper value chain

Books are made for readers – challenges from e-books to environmental certifications
Barbara Scheuer‐Arlt, Random House

Breakthroughs in recyclability:

UV/LED deinking – ready for a greener printing
Thomas Glaser, Siegwerk
Peter Hengesbach, Stora Enso

New PSA labels
Weronika Kot and Marta Zając, UPM Raflatac

Implementation of the Circular Economy Package
Ulrich Leberle, CEPI

From graphic to packaging –
Conversion of a paper mill
Christian Schürmann, LEIPA

Closure of common session
Thomas Krauthauf, INGEDE

12:30 Lunch break​


Session 2.1

Paper for Recycling

Introduction Session 2.1
Manfred Geistbeck, UPM

Optimised sorting plant Kinsau
Christian Ascherl, ROWE

Hyperspectral camera (INGEDE Project 156 18)
René Michels, Cubert

Foreign particles
Dennis Voß, Perlen Papier

How can the paper industry benefit from the new packaging legislation?
Robin Huesmann, LEIPA
Andreas Faul, INGEDE

Audit of Entry Inspection (INGEDE Project 157 18)
Andreas Faul, INGEDE

Closure of session
Manfred Geistbeck, UPM

All presentations will be simultaneously translated into German or English

12:30 Lunch break​


Session 2.2

Deinking process

Introduction Session 2.2
Anne‐Katrin Klar, Essity

HP Indigo – Still a serious challenge for the deinking process
Axel Fischer, INGEDE

Healthy printing
Katja Hansen, EPEA

CITEO’s approach on fee’s modulation depending
on recyclability
Jean‐François Robert, CITEO

Influence of anionic trash on ink removal efficiency
Bernhard Nellessen, Solenis

Challenges in the development of deinking processes
Johann Oberndorfer, UPM

Closure of session
Anne‐Katrin Klar, Essity

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19:00 h

Get-together at Augustiner Klosterwirt

Augustinerstraße 1,

80331 München