INGEDE Symposium 2023


INGEDE Symposium 2023 hybrid: online and on location in Munich


Paper after Corona:
Lack of raw material; environmental aspects becoming more important

INGEDE Symposium 2023 on Wednesday, 8 March

The recycling paper industry needs raw material – fewer newspapers, less advertisement due to the Corona pandemic and increased electronic communication lead to decreasing amounts of paper for recycling.

Also, too much of the paper for recycling bypasses the sorting plant and thus the deinking mills, going directly into packaging – here due to the “Amazonitis” the demand is ever rising.

Complex composite packaging is often not recyclable and therefore not sustainable, even if it is fibre-based. And especially white fibres should stay where they generate the highest value. Even if sorting means effort, sorting is necessary to keep white fibres available for new white, graphic paper; for hygiene papers and white top liners – and to keep it from downcycling.

Availability and quality are the key issues for the INGEDE Symposium 2023. Expert speakers will show options for future sustainable raw material management: By certifying sorting plants to avoid costly refusals and negotiations, by certifying paper and print products for optimum recyclability, and by developing sorting technologies to save more white fibres for the white cycle.

The INGEDE Symposium will be a hybrid event, with participation in Munich on location at Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft in Munich as well as online.

Get together

On Tuesday night, all participants will be invited to our Bavarian get-together at Augustiner Klosterwirt, Augustinerstr 1 (opposite Frauenkirche).

Paper for Recycling and Quality in Times of Shortage

Program (more to come)

All presentations will be available for download for the participants of the symposium.

What will we make paper from in the future? Paper for recycling is in short supply. More and more people read less and less newspapers, many believe that information from the internet is sustainable – despite the massive consumption of electricity, which is harmful to the climate.

Paper is sustainable, paper protects the climate, and yet it is scarce. Who can still insist on quality? At the INGEDE Symposium, everything will be about fibre supply of the future: Are there suitable alternative fibre materials? How do we deal with new fibre-based packaging? Which barriers are recycling-friendly? How is the recovered paper market developing regionally and globally?

These topics are also the focus of the presentation by Arne Kant, Senior Principal at AFRY Management Consulting GmbH in Munich. The changing conditions in fibre supply directly influence operations in the paper mill – this is where the digitalisation will possibly help in stock preparation, which will be the subject of one block of topics at the symposium.

Let’s face the challenges in paper recycling together!



The program will be available here soon!